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8 3/4" Italian Classic w/ Buffalo Horn & Bayonet Blade

  ITALIAN MADE CLASSIC (23cm) 8 3/4" Overall Open Italian Made Classic Features Buffalo Horn Handles and a Bayonet Styled Blade

 The Italian Classic, (often referred to as the Italian Stiletto), is the most recognized "switchblade" out there. All the "bad guys" are seen with one in the early "B" movies, (now they all have guns). The early "gangs" carried these and that was one of the reasons why they were banned in the late 50's from importation.

The early models are much heavier built, (like a 57 Chevy), compared to these models. and are referred to as "picklocks" which refers to how you close the knife. (Other than the super heavy duty limited edition "picklock" models from Campolin which are made like the early 1950's models), these are the best available from Maniago.

There are "knockoffs" out there being made in Taiwan and China that are marked "Milano". AIK does not offer these "junkers" so you can rest easy and never worry about getting a piece of junk.

These Italian Classics measures 8 3/4" Open (the Italians round them up to 23cm or 9") and are the among the finest from Italy, marked on the tang "STILETTO ITALY" and made by Renzo Beltrame in Maniago. 3 3/4" Bayonet Styled Blade features 440 series stainless. The Blade unlocks by Sliding the Top bolster to the side (Swivel Bolster design closing), with a sliding safety and fast action. Superb quality with excellent lockup. Measures 4 7/8" closed..



Overall Length:8 3/4"
Blade Length:3 3/4"
Blade Material:440 Series Stainless
Handle Material:Buffalo Horn
Lock Type:Swivel Bolster