Our Price: $95.00

Handmade Mokume Marlin Spike, Knot Remover, Sleeve Dagger

Multi Purpose Marlin Spike, Knot Remover, Sleeve Dagger,

or whatever you set your mind to put this Unique Mokume piece to. Solid Piece of stunning Mokume with Mokume and Ivory Accents strung with a piece of Bamboo Cord. Completely Handmade by Craig Schnieder of Claremont, IL...Overall length is 5 5/8". . Extra Sharp tip designed for superb penetration. Great piece to have in the tackle box, gear box, bug out bag, or to attach to your keychain. Resonably priced! This is a big piece of mokume and this stuff is expensive to make..To learn more about mokume, click on the link below:


Craig started making knives in 1985, and forges his own Damascus. He marks his knives on the tang with his initials "CS". Craig also does jewlery making and we offer many of Craig's knives on our site. 

Overall Length:5 5/8"
Handle Material:Mokume
Weight:2.4 oz.