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Spyderco Med-Fine Triangle Sharpmaker Sharpener Kit

Spyderco MED-FINE Tri-Angle Sharpmaker Kit

This is the first sharpening system we offered and the reason why we picked the SPYDERCO TRI-ANGLE SHARPMAKER was because it was one of the easiest to use. There are many sharpening systems out there, some more affordable, and others much more expensive. This one is designed to keep the edge on your knife that it came with from the factory. It features two sets of high alumina ceramic stones: A pair of medium grit (brown) stones for aggressive sharpening and a set of fine (white) stones for professional grade finishing. The stones are triangular for sharpening Plainedges on the flat sides and SpyderEdges (serrations) on the corners. A furrow running the length of each stone lets you sharpen pointed items like fishhooks, darts and awls. Included is a set of brass safety rods protecting the users hands while sharpening. All components snap into the self contained ABS plastic base and lid, ready to travel with you.

Cut into the base are keyed slots and holes fitted for the stones. They accurately set the stone's sharpening angle at a 30 degree (15 degree each side) or 40 degree (20 degree each side) for knives and a 12.5 degree scissor setting. Turn the base over, a channel lets you lay two stones side by side (flat side up) for use as a bench stone. The lid snaps halfway over the base creating a handhold for stability while you're sharpening. Included is a set of brass safety rods to protect the users' hands while sharpening. Ceramic stones, like glass, will break if dropped, handle carefully. Use them dry, without oil, water or lubricants. To clean: scrub stones with a plastic scouring pad and powered abrasive cleaner and let air dry.. This System comes with an instruction book and DVD.