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Early Hubertus Fish Hammer Auto-Angler Spring-Hammer Knife

This Item Has Been Sold!

Early Production HUBERTUS-SOLINGEN, Germany "Spring Hammer" Auto Angler "Fish Knocker" with Rosewood Handles 

Hubertus is the only remaining German manufacturer of "springers" (Lever Action Automatics/Switchblades) or "Flick" Knives of which they are referred to in Germany. They are located in the city of Solingen, which has a long history of blade manufacture.

This model is one of the most unique of all switchblades or "Flick" knives to which they are referred to in Europe. The Fish Knocker Auto-Angler "Spring-Hammer/Knife" by Hubertus-Solingen features a spring activated "Fisherman's Hammer" with the end featuring a "disc" made of solid nickel-silver . This "heavy nickel silver disc or ball"  is designed to stun the fish, and keep it from flopping out of your boat, off the dock, etc.  Also featured on the auto-hammer blade is a bottle opener and fish scaler.The Fish Knocker blade measures 5 5/8". 

This model also features a manual operated main clip point blade that measures 3 3/4" and features Solingen Stainless steel. Blade is etched with the Hubertus Name and Logo along with "ROSTFREI" (which translated is "Rust free"). This is a Ealry Blade etch that normally includes "W. GERMANY" under the "ROSTFREI" ,

In addition to the early etch, this model has a more rounded Nickel Silver Disc,and a slightly different lever design (that features a larger hole and more curved design). We estimate that this model was made in the mid 60's-early 70's (1964-1971), before West and East Germany started marking thier products on a regular basis.  Beautiful Rosewood Handles with nickel silver top and bottom bolsters and a bail hook located at the bottom bolster..Overall open with the fish knocker extended is 11 1/4".

The Lever located at the top bolster acts as a safety when flipped up, and when flipped down and depressed, activates the "spring-hammer", which in addition to knocking the hell out of the fish would do a number on your worst enemy. Very unique piece! Very limited in availability! Includes a custom zippered pouch. Measures 6 5/8" closed.

Overall Length:11 1/4"
Blade Length:3 3/4"
Blade Material:Solingen Stainless
Handle Material:Rosewood
Lock Type:Lever Lock
Bolster(s):Nickel Silver