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AA Sanders Handmade DAMASCUS Scale Release Auto w/ Abalone

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HANDMADE "Scale Release" Auto by A.A. Sanders of Norman, Oklahoma, with Mosaic Abalone Shell Handles, Polished Damascus Blade, and Engraved Bolsters

A.A. Sanders (Al Sanders), was a specialist in Scale Release & Bolster Release autos. He was the first, (along with Mike "WHISKERS" Allen), to implement the coil spring in a scale release auto. Al is now deceased, however his knives remain collectible and are high quality. This model operates by sliding the handles (scales) (bottom portion) to the side which activates the internal coil spring. (Protech's MAGIC 2 operates this way also). Totally discreet auto action.

This model features Mosaic Abalone Shell Handles . Beautiful 3" Mirror Polished DAMASCUS Blade.(Two Tone Finished Damascus shows the forged differential heat treatment).  Hand File Work is features on the spine of the blade and backspring-(both inside and out). 

Hand Engraved Stainless Bolsters. Abalone Shell handles are stunning and feature a rainbow of natural colors. Measures 4" closed. Action is superb/superfast and lockup is rock-solid.  Ultra Nice One of a Kind Piece...  Includes a custom zippered pouch. Outstanding Handmade quality

Overall Length:7"
Blade Length:3"
Blade Material:Polished Damascus
Handle Material:Mosaic Abalone Shell
Lock Type:Scale Release
Bolster(s):Stainless (Hand Engraved)