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Don Hansen III SUNFISH FORGE Handmade Auto w/Mastodon & Damascus

This Item Has Been Sold and is No Longer Available!!

Custom Handmade Automatic by DON HANSON III, SUNFISH FORGE (Success, MO) with Mastodon Ivory and Damascus 

 Side Opening Automatic is Activated via a "Rocker Arm" located below the top bolster. Liner Lock Automatic features Beautiful Ancient Mastodon Ivory Handles with Gold Screws and Color Anodized Titanium Liners. Measures 8" overall open with a 3 1/4" Beautifully Patterned Rain Drop Pattern Handforged Damascus Blade with the SUNFISH Forge logo..

Damascus Bolsters with the bottom bolster accented with a Hot Blue Damascus Skull Crusher. Inside of the backspring is file worked at the base. Kick Spring is anodized blue.  Damascus Backspring. Features superb auto action with a Rock-Solid Liner Lock. Measures 4 3/4" closed. Weighs 5.3oz...

 Includes a Custom Zippered Pouch. Hanson has been making knives since the 80's, and is considered a master smith and sole authorship maker with every aspect of his knives made/forged by him.. His knives are in high demand among collectors and investors and he has a years long waiting list . He specializes in both fixed blades and folders.

Automatics by Hanson are not nearly as common and are quite rare and command extremely high prices because of the exquisite quality of his work and obtaining one is especially difficult. The quality craftsmanship, high end materials, and reputation of the maker make this a "must have" for the finest collection. For more information on Don Hanson III and Sunfish Forge click the link for his website:


Overall Length:8"
Blade Length:3 1/4"
Blade Material:Handforged Damascus
Handle Material:Mastodon Ivory
Lock Type:Anodized Titanium Liner Lock
Bolster(s):Handforged Damascus
Liner(s):Anodized Titanium