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COOL! Genuine Trictenotomid Beetle in Clear Lucite

Cool piece for your desktop, as a  paperweight, as a unique accent for your collection,or to lay on the floor and scare the shit out of someone.  Genuine Trictenotomid Beetle (part of the Tenebrionoidea family) These type of beetles are native to Asia and they live in damp forests in tropical and sub-tropical areas, often found under bark on trees.  This is a superb sample encased in an acryclic block. (Unbreakable so if you do use it to scare someone and they throw it at you, it won't break).  Designed so you can view the Beetle from both the top and bottom or from the side. Measures 4 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 1" thick. (Beetle will vary in length and coloring slightly as these are REAL).  Makes for the perfect conversation or display piece. 

Comes in a nice gift box.

Overall Length:4 1/4"