Our Price: $75.00

Extra Large Monster Centipede Paperweight/ Desk Decoration

Unique encased REAL Extra Large Monster Sized Centipedes in clear Lucite.

What desk would be complete without the unusual presence of this ugly pair? Can you imagine one of these crawling up your pajama bottoms at night...HOLY GUACAMOLE...!!

Superb details are visible from the top and bottom. Awesome conversation piece that any lover of unique and weird stuff must have for his or her desk!

This Centipede Desk Decoration comes in a display box ready for gift-giving! The dimensions are 6 1/2"x6 1/4 wide"x 1 1/4" thick. These monsters are the largest Centipedes on the market..Features 2 Centiededs..Everyone else out there only offers one!

Encased in Clear Lucite. Farm raised. Presentation box with silk lining included..These are nice..(Some say they also taste good?)