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Rare Early PROTOTYPE French HALO Style Front Opener/Gravity

This Rarity Has Been Sold and is No Longer Available!

Very Rare (PROTOTYPE) Early Production French Made HALO Style Front Opener /Gravity with Re-Charging Handle 

Unique among front openers in that it features a unique "Re-cocking Lever" which extends from the base of the handle ( like Microtech's HALO Model),

It is a lightweight piece constructed of compostion handles (like the Bargeon) . Features a very narrow 3 1/2" mirror polished stainless blade that is etched "PROTOTYPE".

To operate correctly you point the blade downward and press the button located on the side of the handle to open. The Blade locks in the open position; you then hold the handle upward and press the button again and the blade falls back into the handle via gravity (very similar to the Bonsa Front opener); you then you carefully slide down on the re-cocking lever from the base of the handle to reset the blade back into the handle.

Opens with authority..Very fast with decent (not rock-solid), lockup... Blade will bounce back from the force of the spring if you hold it too high (has to be held downward). Sliding safety is located toward the base of the handle.

Completely sterile (no markings) but of French origin. Early prototype production piece from the 60's no longer manufactured. Measures 4 5/8" closed. .Includes factory box and operating instructions (in French).

 Extremely Rare piece in excellent condition. (Blade may need assistance when closing (it does not always fall down via gravity and needs a little coaxing to fall down on it's own) . A must for your front opening collection! AIK's Rarity Scale= 10 out of 10..The unique and complex design of this piece should not be overlooked making it a superb addition to your front opener or international collection.

(Maybe Microtech used this piece to design their HALO model?) French autos seem to stimulate the minds of many designers; RE: Benchmade Infidel .  Very unusual early style mechanism. Measures 8 1/8" overall open.

Overall Length:8 1/8"
Blade Length:3 1/2"
Blade Material:Stainless
Handle Material:Composition