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Rare Presto Vintage American Civilian Paratrooper Switchblade

This Item Has Been Sold!


Vintage PRESTO (Geo Schrade) Bridgeport, CT 1940's Paratrooper Switchblade KNIFE

PRESTO was the name George Schrade (Bridgeport, Conn) used for the majority of their knives. This model was a civilian issue based on the military Paratrooper Knife which although not an offical military issue it still adds interest to the collector.

 It Measures 5" closed. Overall length open is 8 1/2".  The 3 3/4" Mirror polished Clip point Blade is marked "PRESTO PAT. JAN 30-40 MADE IN U.S.A." on the front of the tang and "GEO. SCHRADE KNIFE CO INC. B'P'T. CONN." on the backside. Brain "wormgroove" plastic handles.

 Razor Sharp Polished Carbon Steel Blade is full and clean on both sides including the tangs with some light pitting marks mostly on the backside. Handles are excellent with no rivet cracks. Safety works fine. Blade seats deep in the handle. Spring Action is excellent with solid lockup in the open position. . Normally when found these are really worn, because they were heavily used. This is a fine example that would be considered to be very good+-excellent condition. Includes a custom zippered storage pouch.

Overall Length:8 1/2"
Blade Length:3 3/4"
Blade Material:Carbon Steel
Handle Material:Brain Wormgroove Plastic
Lock Type:Button Lock