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40's era Remington Master Knife 3 1/4" Double Button Switchblade

This Item Has Been Sold!

Vintage Remington Master Knife (Made for Remington by Schrade Cut Co) 40's era American Made Double Button Switchblade with Multi Colored "Berries & Cream" Celluloid Handles

Double Button Switchblade from Remington this model features Multi-Color Celluloid Handles (which is a dark blue and creme color), (referred to as "Berries & Cream"), which is very unique and collectible. Celluloid is in excellent condition with no cracks and very little shrinkage. Double button design that Schrade is famous for. Measures 3 1/4" closed. Main Clip Point Blade measures just short of 2" and still has the original etching "REMINGTON MASTER KNIFE".  Small Pen Blade measures 1 3/4". Main Clip Point Blade seats deep in the handle; small pen blade barely peeks up above the brass liners when closed.

Main blade shows some light staining and some scratch marks on the front side along with the original etch; clean on the backside. (The scratch marks could easily be removed, however this would also remove the blade etching). Tang is marked "REMINGTON" on both blade tangs. Backspring is clean with no pitting or staining. Main Blade bounches back when you open it because of the powerful spring. Blade has minimal up & down blade movement when open. 

Smaller pen blade is clean overall with no marks on the front or back side. Pen Blade has excellent lock up with near rock solid lock up in the open position. Both blades have "bounce back" when you open them from overly powerful springs. (Typical). (If you hold the knife a certain way the main blade will lock open, the smaller pen blade though will bounce back every time).

Safeties work on both blades. Handles are in very good condition on both sides with little to no shrinkage. Overall=very good condition. Includes a custom zippered storage pouch. Overall length open (with both blades open) is 7 1/8". Remington switchblades are very hard to find and are much less numerous than Schrade models. It is extremely rare to find a Remington, or for that matter any vintage American made switchblade, with the Blade etching still present. Highly Recommended for your "oldie" collection. Rare piece for your collection.. 



Overall Length:7 1/8"
Blade Length:2"
Blade Material:Carbon Steel
Handle Material:Celluloid
Lock Type:Button Lock