Our Price: $450.00

40's Remington R2403 Paratrooper Style Master Switchblade

Vintage Remington Master Knife (Made for Remington by Schrade Cut Co) 40's era American Made PARATROOPER Style with Jigged Bone Handles

Vintage American Made Switchblade made for Remington by Schrade. This Paratrooper Style Switchblade features jigged bone handles, (Remington referred to the handle material as stag in their brochures/ads, but it was actually Jigged Bone). Measures 5" closed. Main Clip Point Blade measures 3 3/4" and seats below the steel liners. Blade was originally etched "REMINGTON MASTER KNIFE". Measures 8 3/4" overall open.

Polished Main blade is full and has been cleaned. Pitting and staining is shown on both sides. Tang is marked "REMINGTON" on the front side and  "R2403". Backspring is clean and the inside is clean. Safety works. Lock up is exceptional with little blade play in the open position and the spring action is excellent. Handles are in excellent condition on both sides with little to no shrinkage and no rivet cracks. (Darker on the front side). Blade is centered.

Overall=  good condition. Good means a "5 1/2" on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being "pristine" and 1 being a a "parts" knife. AIK grades our knives "hard", we don't call everything "excellent" like other sites; we examine our oldies carefully and let you know what you are getting. 

  Remington switchblades are very hard to find and are much less numerous than Schrade models. It is uncommon to find a Remington switchblade nowadays. This model functions well and is priced accordingly. You won't find a better deal on a Remington Switchblade.  Highly Recommended for your "oldie" collection.  Includes a custom zippered pouch. A mint example, (a 9 on our number scale), would list out at $1000+.



Overall Length:8 3/4"
Blade Length:3 3/4"
Blade Material:Carbon Steel
Handle Material:Jigged Bone
Lock Type:Button Lock