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1920-40's era Remington Advertising PULL BALL Style Switchblade

Vintage Remington R17 1920-40 Advertising "PULL BALL" Release (Made for Remington by Schrade Cut Co) with  WHITE COMPOSITION HANDLES

Vintage American Made Switchblade made for Remington by Schrade. This "PULL BALL" Style opens by pulling down on the black "8" ball located at the base. This automatically opens the blade. To close, (slip joint design=blade does not lock), you push the blade down and pull the ball down to lock it back into the handle.

Composition handles (plastic) feature advertising that reads "NASH HARDWARE COMPANY".  Measures 2 7/8" closed (if you include the "8" ball).. Main Clip Point Blade measures 2" and seats below the brass liners. Backspring cover.  Blade is marked  "REMINGTON PAT. 11-9-37" on the frontside of the tang, and "R17" on the backside.

Measures 5" overall open. Fair condition. Obvious heavy staining on both sides of the blade and tangs. Composition Handles show some shrinkage. Switchblade action is excellent. Blade extends past backspring slightly when opened. Inside shows some rust/dirt build up. These are "delicate" knives and are extremely old= 80-100 years old). Slip joint design=(blade does not lock). Some side to side in the open position. Priced accordingly. 

  Remington switchblades are very hard to find and are much less numerous than Schrade models. It is uncommon to find a Remington switchblade in today's market, thus the offering in such condition.  Highly Recommended for your "oldie" collection.. Includes a custom zippered pouch. 


Overall Length:5"
Blade Length:2"
Blade Material:Carbon Steel
Handle Material:Composition
Lock Type:Pull Ball