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Rare Vintage Kissing Crane Klaas Gravity/Front Opener

Rare Vintage KLAAS Kissing Crane Solingen, Germany Front Opening / Gravity Knife

A classic example of pure German craftmanship and engineering this vintage Kissing Crane Front Opener/Gravity features a "engine turned" Gold Metal frame with a 3 1/4" mirror polished blade made of Solingen Stainless. Measures 4 5/8" closed.

Operates by pressing the button located toward the front of the handle on the spine. Basically a Front Opener with Gravity Closure. Unique "Trap Door" closure. Operates by pressing the button which propels the blade forward, then by holding the handle with the blade upwards and pressing the button this allows the knife to fall back into the handle (gravity); the "trap door"at the top closes the blade back into the handle and "resets" it. Features a sliding safety near the release button on the spine.

Etched with the "ROB KLAAS ROSTFREI SOLINGEN GERMANY" name and Logo on the blade . Classic vintage piece made in the mid-90's. (Klaas purchased all of the Bonsa tooling when they went out of business). (This knife is based on the Original Bonsa Model which featured a Polished Finish rather than Gold Finish). This is a must for your European collection.

While no comparison to the superfast opening and rock-solid lockup and performance of modern day front openers, these gravity/front openers of this era were not designed with that in mind; they do possess a unique fascination for complexity and craftmanship that will never be duplicated again. 

Extremely hard to find now.  Includes a custom zippered pouch.

Overall Length:7 7/8"
Blade Length:3 1/4"
Blade Material:Solingen Stainless
Handle Material:Engine Turned Metal/Aluminum
Lock Type:Button Lock

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