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AIK's Handmade "KNOTBUSTER" with Multi Colored Bone

AIK Handmade "KNOTBUSTER" Made of Multi Colored Bone

Great piece for whatever you set your mind to, these Knot Busters are a Solid Piece of Natural Bone in a variey of colors with a sharp tip..Average Overall length is 5-7" .  

Weighs less than 1 oz. Extra Sharp tip designed to penetrate. Great for self defense or as a Marlin Spike on your Yacht or Bass Boat. They feature a "lanyard Hole" at the base so you can add a piece of paracord or leather for a better grip. Stick it in your back pocket or on your key chain; inside your coat pocket or in your purse.

One of our customers said it made a great crochet "needle", another said she uses as a "hair pin" to keep her hair up. Effective piece is non-metallic and the tip is extremely sharp. Available with "Splash" multi-colored handles that feature Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Yellow & Pink. Each one is different and unique.



Overall Length:5-7"
Weight:0.9 oz.