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AIK Acrylic Non Metallic Push Dagger

AIK Solid Acrylic (Non-Metallic) Push Dagger 

Designed for the ever increasing need for concealable and undetectable protection; this solid Acrylic   "Push Dagger" measures 4 1/2" overall  with a 2" sharp edge that comes to a wicked point. Chisel Ground design  for maximum strength; the widest point of the "blade" measuring 1 1/8" wide x 1/2" thick.

Made from a solid piece of  Acrylic; this beautiful piece has a swirl look that resembles Pearl. Weighs only 1.6oz.  Extremely comfortable/ contoured handles fit your hand like a glove. With metal detectors everywhere that strip your right to self protection, this is the perfect peace of mind..


Overall Length:4 1/2"
Blade Length:2 1/8"
Handle Material:Acyrlic
Weight:1.6 oz.