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Double Action In/Out Front Opening Auto w/ D/E Serrated Blade

 Econo Front Opener (Benchmade Infidel / Microtech Dirac Delta Style Copy) Double Action= (Auto In/Auto Out) w/ Two Tone Finished Part Serrated Double Edged Blade and Gray Metal Handles 

One of the better "economical" Front Openers available for the price. This model can be compared to  Microtech's Front Opening Models, as the slide release button is on the spine of the handle.. It features Special Gray Metal Handles with Black Hardware. The 3 1/2" black "two-tone" finished Part Serrated Double Edged Blade features 440 Stainless. Superb and positive Auto In/Auto Out operation functions smoothly and flawlessly with every cycle. 

The contoured metal handles fit your hand comfortably due to the button location. Measures 5 3/8" closed. Slide release is located on the top side of the handle  The action is smooth and positive. You don't have any worries when it comes to opening and closing; you don't have to use two hands to open and close it, or worry that your thumb isn't strong enough to operate it.

 Features a blackened stainless pocket clip with a skull crusher/window breaker tip. Clip is reversible/removable. No special wrench is needed to tighten or maintain your knife, (just standard Torx head construction).  Measures 8 7/8" overall open.  

This D/E Front Opener model is (Made in China), but we are pleased with the performance and function, otherwise we would not offer it to you, and are confident you will be satisfied. One of the best deals out there for the price. .Weighs 7.8 oz. . Includes a stealth style nylon belt pouch. 


Overall Length:8 7/8"
Blade Length:3 1/2"
Blade Material:440 Stainless
Handle Material:Gray Metal Handles
Lock Type:Slide Lock
Weight:7.8 oz.
Clip:Blackened Stainless
Sheath:Nylon Belt Sheath

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