Our Price: $9.95

AIK's Custom Quality X-LARGE OVERSIZED Zippered Knife Pouch

AIK's CUSTOM Quality X-LARGE (OVERSIZED) Zippered Knife Pouches are USA Made and are wholesale priced.

Protect your prized folders with these Custom OVERSIZED Padded Zippered Knife Pouches. Available with a Matte Black "Ballistic" Cloth Cover. 

These are extra thick plush padded for your knife's protection, with a smooth soft inside. Quality YKK zipper. Measures 10" on the inside (11" overall outside), so you can store your folders in the open position, (great for leaf spring activated autos which should be stored open), or fixed blade models. (Shown with a Custom AIK/Pascotto with Mammoth Molar in the open Positon which measures 9 7/8", and a Custom AIK Italian Classic with Giraffe Bone that measures 7" closed.) (Knives are not included)

Superb Price. Local USA Made. No cheap import that smells like a damp moldy basement. We sell a lot to Handmade makers and they like what they get..

(Smaller sized (Regular Size) pouches are also available, this size fits models like the Buck Folding Hunter Model 110 to the ZT 0300 Assisted Opener).  These measure 6" on the inside and 7" overall outside.   Click on the link below to check out the regular sized pouch. 




Overall Length:11"
Handle Material:Ballistic Cloth (Nylon)