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Counter Assault Super-Sized Bear & (Human) Pepper Spray

Counter Assault MAGNUM 290 Bear (and Human) Pepper Spray

Recently used by "Looters" in Los Angeles to spray Security Guards and render them helpless while they stole thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, you couldn't ask for a better referral.  "COUNTER ASSAULT" Bear Attack Deterrent Pepper Spray works not only on Grizzly and Black bears in the wild, it will knock the shit out of two legged Jack-asses in the suburban jungle. Maximum strength 2% Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids.  10.2 oz. aerosol canister. (High Emission "Atomized" Fire Extinguisher style).

 Range up to 40'; delivers 45 grams per burst in a heavy fog delivery.  Glow in the dark safety helps you locate your bear spray quickly in low light situations.  This is a must have item especially during these crazy times. If it is strong enough to deter a bear then you need it in your house or vehicle to deter two legged idiots.  Don;t be a victim; PROTECT YOURSELF! Made in the USA!


Weight:10.2 oz.