Our Price: $24.95

Rapid Rope Canister 120 Extreme Utility Rope

RAPID ROPE 120 FT of 1100lb Tested Cord in a Can!

If you're sick and tired of needing some cord at home or on an adventure only to find it all tangled up, you're going to love Rapid Rope! Rapid Rope gives you 120 feet of white 1100 lb test cord in an easy to deploy canister at your fingertips. 

The shatterproof canister is just a little larger than a 12oz soda can and features an integrated cutter. This means the canister easily fits in your hand, pack, even your drink holder. What we like best the cord deploys from the canister in any direction (even upside down) and if you drop the canister, it doesn't unspool leaving you tangled in a mess. you can actually deploy cord and cut it using just one hand. USA MADE!






Designer:Rapid Rope
Overall Length:120 ft"
Weight:14.5 oz.