Our Price: $295.00

Bill Miller Handmade Damascus Push Dagger w/Fossil Ivory

Custom Handmade DAMASCUS Push Dagger by Bill Miller of Warsaw, Missouri features Ancient Walrus Ivory Handles... .. 

Beautifully Patterned 416 Layer Damascus Blade is Hand Forged from 15N20 Tool Steel and 1084 Spring Steel.  Double-Edged Blade measures 4 1/4" (Sharpened Edge) on one side and 3 3/4" on the top side..Overall is 7 1/8".. 

Includes a Custom Handmade Elephant Leather Sheath. These are the Largest Push Daggers made by Bill. Bill has been making knives for over 20 years. Handforged Damascus at it's finest!

Overall Length:7 1/8"
Blade Length:4 1/4"
Blade Material:15N20 Tool Steel 1084 Spring Steel
Handle Material:Ancient Walrus Ivory
Lock Type:Push Dagger/Skinner
Sheath:Elephant Skin/Leather