Our Price: $2,995.00

ULTIMATE CUSTOM HAND ENGRAVED Stainless Frame Godfather w/Molar

ULTIMATE CUSTOM Protech Godfather Auto with a Hand Engraved Stainless Steel Frame by Andrew Lee Adams with Ancient Mastodon Molar Inlays, Genuine Ruby Inlaid Push Button, and a Gorgeous Damasteel Damascus Blade!

This is the Ultimate in Protech Godfathers! They don't get any better than this! Beautiful Hand Engraved 416 STAINLESS STEEL FRAME by AIK's Master Engraver/Artist Andrew Lee Adams. Incredible engraving that is unmatched in beauty and detail. Stainless Frame is accented with Stunning Ancient Mastodon Molar Inlays that are uniquely colored. Beautifully Patterned DAMASTEEL Damascus Blade measures 4".

Special Push Button is accented with a Genuine Ruby Inlay.  Overall length open is 9 1/4". Hand Satin Stainless Pocket Clip on the backside also features a classy touch of engraving. All packaged in a Custom Laser Etched Wood Display/Storage Box.

Protech only does a limited number of Stainless Frame models each year. (Even less with  Engraving.), and this is the only one so far for 2020 Engraved by Andrew Lee Adams with Mastodon Molar inlays. 

The difference between a Stainless Steel frame and Aluminum Frame is like night and day! Once you experienced the "Feel of Steel" you won't ever go back to aluminum. Weighs 6.6 oz.  (aluminum model w/ Inlays is 4.1 oz.)..Extra weight makes the auto action SUPERFAST! You won't find this anywhere else at any price. A must for the finest collection! Includes a Signed Certificate from AIK. 

Designer:Engraved by Andrew Lee Adams
Overall Length:9 1/4"
Blade Length:4"
Blade Material:Damasteel Damascus
Handle Material:Hand Engraved 416 Stainless Frame w/ Mastodon Molar Inlays
Lock Type:Button Lock
Bolster(s):Hand Engraved 416 Stainless
Weight:6.6 oz.
Clip:Engraved Stainless/Tip Up