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Custom Handcrafted Wood Keepsake/Storage Box by Larry Anderson

Custom Designed Handcrafted Wood Keepsake/Storage Box by Larry Anderson

Elaborate wooden keepsake storage box handcrafted in multi woods by Larry Anderson. This box features at least 12 different woods, along with a Mother of Pearl Inlay, and is one of Larry's more elaborate pieces of work. Inside dimensions Measure 8 1/2" in length. The width starts at the top at 2 5/8" and widens to 3 1/8" at the bottom. The Lid features Birch Bark, Birdseye Maple, Black Palm, Buckeye Burl, Cedar, Ebony, Figured Walnut, Poplar, Redheart, Tulip Wood, Wence, and Zebrawood.

All of these woods form a beautiful work of art with no two pieces alike.  Underneath the lid is cedar. All the woods on the top lid are laminated with the base made of figured walnut. Bottom of the box is signed by the artist. Inside features a brown felt to protect your valuables from getting scratched. The Perfect box to store all of your personals: watch, keys, favorite knife, etc, in one spot without running around looking for this or that when you are in a hurry. This box is beautiful. Highly Recommeded.

We met Larry at the Great Lakes Knife Show in Beloit, WI where he was set up next to us and selling these handcrafted works of art. His appreciation for art and his attention to detail obviously shows. We had to add these unique boxes to our site and are glad that we had the opportunity to meet him and thought our customers would love to add one of these for themselves. Super Gift Idea!