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Hand Engraved AIK/ Protech MAGIC Bolster Release w/ Emeralds

This Item Has Been Sold!

PROTECH-AIK /WHISKERS ALLEN DESIGN "MAGIC BOLSTER RELEASE AUTO" with Hand Engraved Copper Inlay accented with Emeralds and Special Blackened Blade

Designed by our long time friend Mike "Whiskers" Allen the MAGIC "Bolster Release" Auto is manufactured by Protech and customized by AIK. Features Black Anodized Aluminum Handles with a Hand Engraved Copper Inlayon the front side which features Hand Engraved Scrolls which are accented with Three (3) Emeralds set in the engraving to correlate with the scrolls.

Special Blackened Blade features 154-CM Stainless. . Like some of Whisker's custom models we have, this piece opens via "Bolster Release", which means you slide the top bolster ,(which features Non Slip Treading), to the side to operate it.

Measures 4" closed and includes a lanyard hole. Razor sharp 3 1/8" blade with a pocket clip on the backside (tip up).  Features superb auto action and locks up like a drum. Superb quality piece that on the outside features no buttons, or levers. Copper Inlay is Hand Engraved with a unique scroll pattern; then set with Emeralds and signed by our master artist Andrew Lee Adams. The moving of the bolster to the side activates the internal coil spring.

 Stunning piece for the finest collection.. Highly Recommended. Includes a Custom Laser Engraved Wood Display/Storage box. One of a Kind Piece you will find only at AIK!


Blade Length:3 1/8"
Blade Material:154-CM Stainless
Handle Material:Black Anodized Aluminum w/ Hand Engraved Copper Inlay
Lock Type:Bolster Release
Bolster(s):Black Anodized Aluminum w/ Tread Design
Clip:Blackened Stainless