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 CUSTOM 13" (1950's WASP Body Design) SUPER DUTY Italian Classic "Picklock" Handmade by Renzo Pascotto for AGA Campolin and Customized by AIK.. 

Features beautiful hand selected "End Grain Cut" Petrified Mammoth Ivory HANDLES accented with a Hand Engraved Backspring with Hand File Worked  Brass Liners with Nickel Silver Bolsters. Bolsters are Flat Ground and are Brass Lined. Superb Lockup with an extra thick 5mm backspring, blade, and kickspring. When measured with the brass liners the backspring is 1/4" thick. Traditional Sliding safety.

These knives are handmade and assembled the old way in Maniago, Italy by Renzo Pascotto, (for Campolin), and Customized by AIK. The kick spring is a "slip-in" style, and features superb action with absolute rock solid lockup. WASP design refers to the slightly flared out handle, (approx 3/4" down on the handle), that was featured on the high end Classic Italians from the 1950's.

6" Mirror Polished BAYONET Styled Blade is marked on the tang "A.G.A. CAMPOLIN MANIAGO ITALY 2019". Backside of the tang is marked "LIMITED EDITION".  Picklock design; means you must take your index finger and thumb and pull back where the blade locks to unlock it, (most modern classics have the swivel bolster release design). Includes a Oversized Custom Zippered Pouch; (Large enough so you can store your classic in the open position to keep the kick spring relaxed). Also Includes a "AGA CAMPOLIN" Embossed Leather Storage Sleeve, and signed Certificates from Campolin and AIK.                       

This is for those collectors who want to own a one of a kind piece of switchblade history.  A Beautiful piece for the finest collection! This is the finest quality Italian Classic one can own!  Visually stunning piece. No comparison to any other model out there. This model blows everything else away! This is a "must have" for your Italian Classic collection.


Overall Length:13"
Blade Length:6"
Blade Thickness:5mm"
Blade Material:440A Stainless
Handle Material:End Grain Cut Ancient Petrified Mammoth Ivory
Lock Type:Picklock
Bolster(s):Nickel Silver
Liner(s):Hand File Worked Brass
Weight:11.1 oz.