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Rare Vintage Italian "Trap Door" Front Opener

Extremely Rare Vintage Italian Made Classic "Trap Door"  Front Opener "Stiletto" with Horn

Features Buffalo Horn Handles with chromed bolsters and unique "trap door". Traditional looking Italian Switchblade classic with push button and sliding safety, but unlike the typical switchblade that opens from the side, this model opens from the front.  To open you must hold the handle downward (blade downward), or the blade will bounce back and it will not lock into position.

 To close you hold upright (with the blade tip upward), and press the button. The blade will fall back into the handle via "gravity" . You then "reset" the blade into the handle by closing the "Trap Door" and locking the blade into the handle. This model features the "improved" design of the "Trap Door". ( the trap door is reinforced by a wire attached to the handle), that earlier models did not have. You have to hold the blade downward when opening or the blade will not fully lock open. (This is normal).

If you are not familiar with these vintage Stiletto models, they are not "heavy duty" or made like a Microtech or Benchmade, ( they only weigh 3.4oz). In the open position they have substantial side to side, and up and down blade movement. These vintage pieces can best be described as somewhat "delicate", so after 60-70 years, not many remain available to collectors. This is why they are very rare and very expensive.  Mirror polished stainless blade measures 3 1/2" with a false top edge (swedge grind). Blade is marked "C. JUL HERBERTZ IMPORT". Backside is marked "PATENT ROSTFREI" Measures 4 3/4" closed. Extremely rare piece in excellent  condition. 1950's vintage. Includes a custom zippered storage pouch..

Excellent action. Blade has both up and down and side to side movement when open, but this is the design of the knife, which is like an automatic gravity knife. RARE PIECE! 9 out of 10 on AIK's Rarity Scale.

Overall Length:8 1/4"
Blade Length:3 1/2"
Blade Material:Stainless
Handle Material:Buffalo Horn
Lock Type:Button Lock
Bolster(s):Chromed Metal