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Ultimate Custom DAMASCUS Mikov/AIK Auto w/ Mammoth Molar & More!

This Item Has Been Sold!

ULTIMATE CUSTOM MIKOV/AIK Lever Action Switchblade/Auto with Mammoth Molar & Amber, File Work, Damasteel Damascus Blade, Engraved Bolsters, and Inlaid Templar Cross. 

Unique "springers" handcrafted from the Czech Republic; these side opening models operate similar to the Hubertus line. To open you flip the lever upward and depress it which activates the dual leaf springs; flipping the lever downward acts as the safety. Handcrafted in the old world tradition by MIKOV which dates back to the 1794, these feature superb action with rock-solid lockup. 

This ULTIMATE Custom Model features Rare and Beautiful Mammoth Molar Handles accented with an inlaid Knights Templar Cross.  Hand File Work on the Backspring and Blade with Hand Engraved Stainless Bolsters. Finished with Petrified Amber Bottom Bolsters. (Amber is petrified tree sap), and 24kt Gold Plated Screws.

Beautifully Patterned, Razor Sharp DAMASTEEL STAINLESS DAMSCUS Blade measures 3 3/8" and is shaving sharp.. Measures 4 3/4" closed with HAND ENGRAVED stainless top bolsters with some light work on the Lever. . Mammoth Molar on this piece is outstanding! Extremely Hard to work with; the Molar is the actual fossilized tooth of the extinct Woolly Mammoth. A Gorgeous piece with a superb color contrast!  You won't find this piece anywhere else for any price!  A must have for MIKOV collectors.    

Action on this piece is SUPERFAST!  Includes a Custom Zippered Storage Pouch. Exclusive piece found only at AIK!  


Blade Length:3 3/8"
Blade Material:Damasteel Stainless Damascus
Handle Material:Fossil Mammoth Molar
Lock Type:Lever Lock
Bolster(s):Hand Engraved Stainless (Top) Amber (Bottom)