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Vintage Craftsman Schrade Walden Swing Guard w/Red Celluloid

Vintage Schrade Walden NY USA Craftsman (Sears) (1904-1946)   1940's Swing Guard Switchblade with (Red Celluloid Handles) 

 Schrade Walden Craftsman Swing Guard Switchblade . This model was a contract piece made for Sears Roebuck & Co based on the military Paratrooper Knife and has high collector interest. It was made with both Red and Orange Celluloid Handles. (The Red seems to be more rare.) This model features Red handles just in case you are wondering. Model shown is the exact model you will receive. (It is hard to capture a true red color when you crop the pictures and transfer them to the website, so just take our word for it; they are red).

 It Measures 4 1/4" closed. Overall length open is 7 1/4". The 3 1/8" Mirror polished Clip point Blade is marked "SCHRADE WALDEN N.Y." on the front of the tang; ( Backside of the tang is blank). Red Celluloid Handles. Brass Liners. No pin / rivet cracks. Some slight shrinkage on the handles.

 Carbon Steel Blade shows some spots and staining from age, and is a little short . Tangs are readable. Original blade etch is very faint but easily readable "CRAFTSMAN 9540".  (It is rare to find an example with the blade etching). Nickel Silver Swing Guard opens and closes with the blade. Blade seats deep into the handle. 

Safety works. Spring Action is excellent and locks into place every time you operate it. Excellent lockup with excellent lockup in the open position. No blade peek above the liners.. Normally when found this model is heavily worn and in poor condition due to heavy use..

This example would be considered to be very good++ conditionIncludes a custom zippered storage pouch. Hard model to find with the etch still visable..

Overall Length:7 1/8"
Blade Length:3"
Blade Material:Carbon Steel
Handle Material:Red Celluloid Handles
Lock Type:Button Lock
Bolster(s):Nickel Silver