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Black Scorpion vs Tarantula (Paperweight)

Black Scorpion vs Tarantula Paperweight in Clear Lucite

What desk would be complete without the unusual presence these guys? Superb details are visible from the top and bottom. Awesome conversation piece that any arachnid lover must have for his or her desk!

Features a Genuine Black Scorpion vs Tarantula. Scorpions are found on all continents (except Antarctica), and in every type of habitat. 25 species have venom strong enough to kill a human, which is the ones we really are interested in. They belong to the Arachnida family and have eight legs.

This is a superb sample encased in an acryclic block.   

Designed so you can view the Scorpion and Tarantula from both the top and bottom or from the side. (Check out those fangs and that stinger!) Measures 4 1/4" x 1 3/4" x 1" thick.   Makes for the perfect conversation or display piece or carefully place next to your better half's coffee cup in the morning when they're still half asleep.... Comes in a box. Priced right. (Scorpion and Tarantula may vary in size and color from listing since they are REAL!)

Overall Length:4 1/4"