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Schatt & Morgan Queen Cut EXPRESS #3EXP w/ Light Blue Shockwood

Schatt & Morgan (Queen Cutlery) Titusville, PA  (EXPRESS SERIES) Model #3EXP Mountain Man Express with Light Blue Shockwood

Made in the USA by Queen Cutlery (Titusville, PA)

This is part of the Schatt & Morgan EXPRESS SERIES of Vintage Reproduction models that are planned for 2017. Features Nickel Silver top and bottom bolsters and brass liners. 3 1/2" Satin Finished Clip Point Designed blade is razor sharp and features Schatt & Morgan's special 1095 Carbon Steel . Tang is marked with the Schatt & Morgan Logo on the front and the Queen Cutlery on the backside. Blade is etched "SCHATT & MORGAN EXPRESS CUTLERY COMPANY" Measures 4 1/2" closed.

Side opening, leaf spring activated model (back spring is actually the kick spring), just like many early American models which this model is based on. Opens by pressing on the square release tab located on the backside of the top nickel silver bolster with the tip or side your right index finger, while simultaneously applying downward pressure to the top nickel silver bolster. If you are left handed you would use your thumb. (This a left hand friendly automatic.),

Overall length open is 8 1/8". Handles are what Queen calls "Shockwood" which is actually "shocked" wood with Blue Resin. Electric is actually used to create cracks and to "shock" it, then resin is added for a stunning abstract look. These are NOT CNC milled precision made pieces that you can compare to Microtech, Benchmade, or Protech. These are crafted in the USA at Queen's factory in Titusville, PA.  Queen's intention is to make these vintage reproduction models as much like the originals as possible.

These are very limited in production and are part of Queen's EXPRESS SERIES. They plan on releasing more of these vintage reproductions throughout 2017. This is a very ambitious and costly adventure for Queen that will offer the collector the chance to add these vintage pieces to their collection without having to spend thousands of dollars for the originals.



Overall Length:8 1/8"
Blade Length:3 1/2"
Blade Material:1095 Carbon Steel
Handle Material:Light Blue Shockwood
Bolster(s):Nickel Silver