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AIK's SUPERFAST "OIL SLICK" Special Formulated Knife Oil

AIK's SUPERFAST "OIL SLICK" Special Formulated Synthetic Automatic Knife Oil for Gun, Knives, Tool, Machines, etc

AIK's OIL SLICK offers you the BEST  and MOST  for your money. Twice as much oil for approximately the same price that the others offer; we've compared our formula to Benchmade's Blue Lube and Latama's and not only will your automatic knife open faster and smoother, it's a great penetrating, cleaning, and conditioning oil for Damascus, and all types of carbon and stainless steels. This is, hands down, the best oil for German made springer models like the Hubertus and Boker, and Italian Made Classics from Campolin, Beltrame, and Massaro. Our custom shop uses "OIL SLICK" for all of our Hubertus repairs.

One or two drops will provide superb performance for ALL of your automatic and manual operated knives, firearms, tools, and machinery. Generous 2 oz bottle! For all types of automatics: American, French, German, and Italian makes; plus our formula is the choice for Gunsmiths, Mechanics, and Machinists!...Highly Recommended. USA Made...


Weight:2 oz.
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