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WE KNIFE CO Model A-05A Purple Anodized Titanium Whistle

WE KNIFE CO / Model A-05A Purple Titanium Whistle

We Knife Company makes superb quality products, with a superb reputation for quality and in addition to knives they manufacture whistles.  This whistle is constructed of titanium which is built to last!  This whistle has color anodized PURPLE titanium with contrasting blue bands, and the WE logo. 

It can reach 120 decibels and is lightweight (only 0.3 oz) so you can wear it around your neck, on your keys, or in your pack!  Not only is it a good idea to have a whistle for security, but they come in handy for survival as well! Plus they are cool to have! Comes in a metal tin.

Overall Length:2 1/8"
Weight:0.31 oz.