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USA MADE Exotac 16 Hour Heat Survival Candle Hot Burning Version

USA MADE EXOTAC 16 Hour Hot Burning Version Emergency Candle

Heat Survival Candle. Hot burning version. Up to 16 hour burn time (approximately 5.3 hours per wick). Will boil 8 oz. of water in 18 minutes (requires all three wicks to burn at one time). Weighs approximately 4.2 oz. Tin plated steel construction. 100% beeswax with 3 wicks. Offers brighter light, burns cleaner and lasts longer than any other wax. Also use to light a shelter or heat an emergency blanket. 

USA MADE. (Support American Made Products). Something you don't think about until you need it in an emergency. Buy several for that next emergency. Great for Camping also!