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Frontiersman Super Loud 115 dB Bear & Human Survival Horn

Frontiersman Bear (and Human) Survival Horn

Multi Use Survival Horn designed to get the attention of Bears, Mountain Lions, or Coyotes, or if you are in the hood, Feral Dogs and Feral Humans. Small enough for joggers, light enough for hikers. 

Extremely loud 115 decibel Horn, audible up to 1/2 Mile.  yet extremely compact. If you blew this in someone's ear it would definately disorient them and give you a chance to escape, or knock them in the head. Locking on/off switch. 

Also can be used to signal for helo if you get kost in the woods or at your local Costco. Bottom line=You need one or two for urban or wilderness survival. USA MADE!