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AIK Custom Shop Repair Service for your Hubertus Springer

AIK's Custom Shop

Kick Spring / Back Spring Repair / Replacement Service for your Hubertus-Solingen Brand Springer.

On occasion your Hubertus may experience a broken spring or worse a broken back spring.. If you have a Hubertus Brand Knife sitting in your drawer gathering dust, package that baby up and get it over to us so we can fix it!. Kick springs and back springs are genuine factory replacements made from Carbon Spring Steel. We have replacement parts to fit most any size Hubertus you may have (See Below)...These springs may work on other brands in addition to Hubertus, however it more than likely will have to be modified to work. Our custom shop can also do this. 

So if you have a Boker, Kissing Crane, Bonsa, or other German model, we can also repair these for you, however the cost may be higher as nearly all of these companies (with the exception of Boker), are no longer in business, so parts for these models are at a premium, or may have to be fabricated which adds additional costs to the repair.

You can send in your knife for an evaulation and we will give you a quote on the repair.  Please note that our repair service for $49.95 plus Shipping ($64.90 total) is for Hubertus model kicksprings only. Do not send in your Italian Lever Action, or your KaBar Grizzly and expect it repaired for the same price! (Back springs are more expensive; usually $75 plus ship).

Hubertus Models that our shop can fix include the following:

Springer # 08.....Smallest Size Hubertus makes. Measures 5 3/4" overall open. This model features a CLIP Point Blade which may or may not have a "nail nick". This model usually has a bottom bolster

Springer #09 SLIM...... Small "Mini Slim" Model (No Bottom Bolster).........Measures 5 7/8" overall open. This Model features a SPEAR Point Blade.

Springer #09 CIGAR...... Small Rounded Model (Has a Bottom Bolster).........Measures 5 7/8" overall open. This Model features a SPEAR Point Blade.

Springer #10...... Medium Size... Measures 7 1/8" overall open..This also will fit the Guardian and the Pen Blade Release..This Model features a Clip Point Blade. It may or may not have a "nail nick" in the blade.

Springer #11.......Large Size...... Measures 7 3/4" overall open.......This will also fit the Saw Blade (Hunter), and Camper (with the cork-screw) variations..This Model generally is a Spear Point Blade except for special editions which have a Clip Point Blade.

Springer #12.......Large ("Slim Jim") Narrow / Slim design... Measures 7 5/8" overall open with a Spear Point Blade and bottom bolster. This model usually has NO NAIL NICK in the Spear Point Blade.

Spring #14.......Oversized Model ...(Largest Model Hubertus Makes)..........Measures 10" overall open...This will also fit the oversized multi blade variations..This Model features a Spear Point Blade. NO NAIL NICK in the blade. (Note: Due to the size, this model requires an additional cost for the repair). Total for spring replacement for this model is $59.95 plus ship. There are other models that Hubertus made including a 13.5cm model, and a couple of Coil Spring Models. Call or Email if you don't see the model you have listed. (We also fix these models and the repair cost may be higher or lower depending on the model).

 Why did your spring break to begin with? Moisture is a spring's worst enemy..If you carry your knife and use it on a daily basis, moisture from your body and the elements eventually will break down the carbon steel spring...

Keep your knife clean, and wipe it down on a daily basis..Too much lubrication is like a magnet for dirt and will cause your knife to clog and malfunction. If you have access to a air compressor "blow" you knife out on occasion....

Also most importantly, you must use the proper lube for your knife...Only AIK's OIL SLICK is recommended for Italian Made and German Made Lever Action Autos with Leaf Spring Mechanisms. Any other lube you purchase may cause issues with the operation and/or function of your knife. Click on the link below for our special synthetic blend of oil: AIK's OIL SLICK http://www.adamsknifeworks.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=1320

If your Hubertus is part of a collection, it is a good idea to store your leaf spring autos in the "open" position..(with the blade open)...Also investing in a de-humidifier is one of the best investments a knife collector or gun collector can make.

...The cost for AIK to install your spring is $49.95. (This is for the spring and installation. Back Springs can also be repaired for most models. (Call us for a price quote). Return shipping is $14.95. AIK will also lubricate, and inspect your knife for any other problems. We'll return your knife via USPS or UPS. (Let us know what your shipping preference is).. The final price with shipping is $64.90. 

It is not a simple task to install your new spring; in other words you just can't drop it in and go and the knife will be fixed. You may have to modify the spring slightly which includes bending it to fit your knife as older models are slightly different than newer production models. Also, in some instances it may be necessary to open up your knife to replace the kick spring; the old spring may be lodged inside the handle and when it is, it is very difficult to remove without damaging your knife. Back springs are a completely different animal, and if you can replace these yourself you wouldn't be reading this. This is why we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you have AIK repair your Hubertus or other German "flick" knife.

We never had a Hubertus knife that we could not repair. In fact, we have received other Hubertus models after they have been purchased from overseas internet sites in order to save a few bucks. (Just as a warning; the majority of what we've seen from overseas sites are defective, (seconds), or counterfeit models. Don't become a victim. Don't try to save a few bucks because you may see a lower price for a Hubertus models; these foreign internet sites...They sell seconds... we see it all the time).

We have been around since the 80's for a reason; and  it's not just our good looks that keep us in business..  We have seen a lot of dealers, customizers, repair shops, and websites come and go. AIK is still here. We have repaired and customized literally hundreds, (maybe thousands), of Hubertus knives, so we know what we are doing. 

For those who would like AIK to repair your Hubertus knife send to: 

AIK-Adams Intl /Repairs

8710 Rosewood Hills Dr 

Edwardsville, IL 62025

You can also send a check or Money Order in with your knife. Include this in the package with your repair 


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