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Rare Size 4" Open Mini Italian Classic w/ Genuine Stag

RARE SIZE! 4" Overall Open Mini Picklock Italian Classic with Genuine Stag & Keychain Attachment

Works just like the larger sized models! MINI Italian Classic Picklock with Genuine Stag Handles. Measures just 4" overall open (10cm) with a 1 1/2"  Stainless Blade with top and bottom Bolsters. Operates just like a full sized Classic! Has a lanyard loop at the base of the bottom bolster with a keyring attachment. Blade is marked "INOX ITALY" = (Stainless Italy)

Quality Made in Italy. Closes like the early traditional models, (picklock style=which means you pull back on the backspring at the base of the blade to unlock the blade). Handles feature Unique Brass Micro Screw construction. Extremely hard piece to find with Stag handles in this size. Available only from AIK!


Overall Length:4"
Blade Length:1 1/2"
Blade Material:420 Stainless
Handle Material:Genuine Stag
Lock Type:Picklock