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Rare! Official Issue Polish Military Auto Demolition Tool

Rare! Official Issue Polish Military Multi-Tool  Demolition Tool  (WZ 69) 

Made by KMW WIFAMA located in Lodz, Poland. Designed by Polish engineers Ryszard SzydÅ‚owski and Henryk Adamczyk, in the late 1960's.  

Features Black Aluminum Handles. This Heavy Duty piece was referred to as the WZ 69, and was distributed to paratroopers, special operations, recon units and combat engineers of the Polish Military. Also reportedly used by anti-terrorist forces from the Milicja Obywatelska and the anti-terrorist police division. Production on these stopped in the late 80's. 

Unique Multi Blade Tool features a 4 1/4" Polished Blade (made of 50HSA Steel)(sharpened edge measures 4"); that is coil spring auto activated and operates by pressing on the button located at the top of the handle. 

It also features 11 different tools which at the top of the tool include a cap crimper, (used to crimp the end of blasting caps onto the safety fuse); also at the front/top of the knife you will find a hard wire cutter capable of cutting wire up to a thickness of .09 inches.(2.5mm)

It features a ruler (practical  for measuring slow fuses), that doubles as a magnesium fire starter, (and will also take traditional lighter fluid, RE: Zippo) (The magnesium that comes with the tool has deteriorated and most/all of it is gone), a metal saw blade,(portable hacksaw), (blades are easily replaceable with a  flat head screwdriver) and a metal file, all on one side. 

On the other side it features an auger, a flat head screw driver, a punch or awl (actually used for placing the detonators in plastic explosives), and a small blade/can opener combo. At the base is a loop for the lanyard. 

Well thought out piece. Includes the original issue pouch and lanyard. Serial number of these always consists of two letters and three numbers. (Only 3000 were made) These are very rare. Cross-over interest by Militaria and auto-knife collectors makes this a superb investment piece.  Last time we had an example was 2014..Priced as high as $795 elsewhere, (and that is without the extra blades and file)..Great price for a Rare Piece. This is a Near Mint example. (Stilled wrapped in wax paper). Never used or carried. Also includes additional metal cutting (hacksaw) blade and an extra file...Weighs 1lb with the lanyard and sheath. This is a super heavy duty piece. (Like a leatherman on steroids.)

Overall Length:10 1/4"
Blade Length:4 1/4"
Blade Material:50 HSA
Handle Material:Aluminum
Lock Type:Button Lock
Weight:16 oz.
Sheath:Nylon Belt Pouch