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Sam Stoner Amish Forged Finished Bowie w/ Bocote Wood & L-6

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Sam Stoner (Outback Forge) Scottsville, KY Amish Handmade Traditional "Forge Finished" Large Bowie/Fighter with Bocote Wood & and L-6 Tool Steel 

A rarity among custom knifemakers Sam Stoner is of "Old Order Mennonite" religion (Swiss German and south German heritage who practice a lifestyle without some elements of modern technology, who dress plain and who have retained the old forms of worship, baptism and communion.)

Sam does not use any electricity or motors in his shop. All of his equipment is connected to pulleys and belts on a overhead drive shaft which is powered by two large draft horses walking on a treadmill. Instead of forging his blades in a gas furnace he uses a hand crank coal fired forge. (which provides for a more even and adjustable air flow).

Hard to imagine as most of us are inconvenienced by a couple of hours of no electricity, whereas he runs a complete knife shop without electric!  The results are truly remarkable and this piece is no exception. This is a most impressive piece

This "Traditional Large Bowie" features a "Forge Finished" 8 5/8" Blade (8" cutting edge), made of forged L-6 Tool Steel, with Bocote Wood Handles. Beautifully balanced piece feels like an extension of your arm.   Overall length is 13 5/8". The heavy duty leather sheath is also handmade and hand stiched . Blade is marked with the maker's initials "SS". Weighs 16oz w/o the sheath and 1lb 6oz with the sheath.

Turn of the century styled, it will appeal to the reinactor, renaissance or rendezvous folks, or those who want a blade made the traditional true way, (coal forged), with the traditional look, while remaining fully functional.


Overall Length:13 5/8"
Blade Length:8 5/8"
Blade Material:L-6 Tool Steel
Handle Material:Bocote Wood
Weight:22 oz.
Sheath:Leather Belt Sheath